Thru-hiker, Peak-bagger Nicole

Travel expert, cardiac nurse, hiking guru

Hiking and traveling has been a love of mine since I was a little girl. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t hiking. Every year, my whole family would hike up Mount Washington in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire and we would stay at the Lake in the Clouds hut. The first time I did this hike up the tallest mountain in New Hampshire, I was 5 years old! Crazy right?


Long distance trails and peak-bagging lists i have completed:

-NH 48 Direttissima

-NH48, NE67, SB6K, VA5 peaks over 5k, T25


Upcoming plans

-2021: Pinhoti trail, and Benton MacKaye

Sandy River AT crossing, Maine


Lake Moraine, Alberta, Canada


Hiking with a purpose: Trail Blazers Foundation

When I was fresh out of High School I traveled with the non-profit Up with People. This organization showed me the beauty of traveling with a purpose. It’s not enough to just travel and visit these places, it’s also important to give back to the community of the world. This can be done by shopping at locally owned businesses, volunteering for a non-profit, spending time with and learning about the different cultures, and even donating money to causes that are important to the communities you visit. 

While I am hiking the these trails it will be very difficult for me to volunteer like I normally do in my home and other communities, so instead I’ve decided to start a foundation in my name called Trail Blazers. The idea is that money raised will go to those who are blazing their lives as we often blaze trails to do bigger and better things! I’ve decided to raise money to donate to three different causes.

  1. Scholarships
  2. Fix and Upgrade prosthetic
  3. Woman’s shelters: Pegasus House and Woman’s view